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From the Manger to the Cross (Kalem)

December 20, 2012

100 years ago today, the Tacoma (Washington) Times published its 17th installment of its series of daily photographic stills from the Kalem company’s film From the Manger to the Cross. The film first premiered on October 3rd of 1912, but since it was a “states rights” film, it’s not surprising that the film didn’t come to Tacoma until Christmastime.

Unlike most 100-year-0ld-movies I post about, this film is actually available. There’s even a great documentary about it (in French). For a slide show consisting of higher-quality images than the Tacoma Times readers ever got click on this link.

Below is a slide show of most of the images in order of their publication, daily, on page 5 of the Tacoma Times, courtesy of The Library of Congress’ Chronicling America project. You may be interested to know that page 5 was dedicated to “Special Features of Interest to the Times’ Women Readers.” These women readers were also encouraged to cut out the pictures and save them for posterity. Good thing no one cut out the Washington State Library’s issue. Otherwise we’d have to go searching in our great-great grandmother’s scrapbooks for evidence of this early case of media convergence.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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