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Dominion General Film Corporation, Limited

July 21, 2014

100 years ago today, Canadian Film Company DOMINION GENERAL FILM CORPORATION was incorporated. It was a collaboration between two New Yorkers, Leslie Carter Harris and Rudolph Bergman, and three Québécois, John William Peachy, Maurice Marcelot, and Marie Fabiola Caissee.

Source: "Canada Enters the Film Field" The Moving Picture World, July-Sep 1914. page 1229

Source: “Canada Enters the Film Field” The Moving Picture World, July-Sep 1914. page 1229

The company’s incorporation papers were published in the August 1, 1914 edition of The Canada Gazette. It is interesting to note that the company’s patent covered not only the making of motion pictures, but also the construction and operation of “boats and launches  … and any and all kinds of devices and apparatus designed for recreation and amusement.” The article in The Moving Picture World makes no reference to this aspect of the company’s stated endeavors. Further investigation might reveal that the founders of Dominion General Film Corporation were thinking about movies not simply as stand-alone commodities, but rather, as visual experiences to be incorporated within amusement parks, into the repertoire of traveling vaudeville shows, and apparently, on boats.



THE CANADA GAZETTE online, courtesy of the Library and Archives of Canada.

THE MOVING PICTURE WORLD online, courtesy of the Media History Digital Library and the Internet Archive. To search historical film periodicals check out Lantern at



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