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Calamity Anne, Detective (American)

March 10, 2013
The Moving Picture World, (8 March 1913): 959.

The Moving Picture World, (8 March 1913): 959.

In 1913, the Washington Herald ran a daily section called “Motion Picture News.” On 15 August, 1913, they published the following description of the character and the woman who plays her (the occasion was the release of another Calamity Anne movie, likely Calamity Anne Takes a Trip):

Miss Louise Lester, better known to the picture public as “Calamity Anne,” writes all her own scenarios in which she plays this character. It may be interesting to know that “Calamity Anne” is a real character whom Miss Lester encountered some years ago, before her advent in the “movies.”

The innate goodness of this “diamond in the rough” appealed to Miss Lester, and in real life, just as Miss Lester portrays her in pictures, she is always ready to sacrifice her own comfort for the good of others, and invariably gets into trouble fighting for what she believes is right.

The powerful appeal of this series aside from the laughable comedy depicted by the lone woman with a jackass as her only friend, is the silver thread of self-sacrifice and good running through the pictures that appeal to all.

Mis Lester is popularly known in this character, and even in pictures where she appears in entirely different roles she is pointed out as “Calamity Anne.”

The rest of this series will be “Calamity Anne, Heroine,” released September 15, to be followed by “Calamity Anne’s Sacrifice.”

If you were around 100 years ago, you could catch this movie at the Mehesy Theater in Salt Lake City, Utah (March 17, 1913):

The Salt Lake Tribune (17 March 17): 7.

The Salt Lake Tribune (17 March 17): 7.


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