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A Cave Man Wooing (IMP)

May 20, 2012

Moving Picture World (18 May 1912): 588.

You can watch this film by clicking here.

Synopsis from Moving Picture World (18 May 1912): 662.

A CAVE MAN WOOING (May 20). — George, our hero, falls in love with Clarice, a fascinating young girl of an athletic turn of mind. There is a rival in the field, however, one who would attract any woman–a manly man, while poor George is a weakling, consequently, he is decidedly out of it in the race for her hand.

At this time he reads in an article published in the papers by a famous authoress that women like cave man methods to-day, just as they did hundreds of years ago. This is a tip which he promptly takes advantage of. He joins a class in physical culture and after many amusing an exciting experiences, he finally accomplishes the end in view, and becomes indeed a giant in strength. his friends and family, and especially Clarice, look on in amazement at the wonderful acts of strength he performs, and when, at the end of the evening’s surpasses, he picks up the unresisting girl and bears her off to a clergyman’s house to be married, the climax is reached.

Of course, when Clarice realizes what it all means, she does not submit passively, but such struggles are apparently unnoticed by the strong man. His destination being reached, the marriage ceremony is performed. Just then the girl knows she does care very much indeed for George, and when there intrudes upon them her entire family, she is indigent and peremptorily commands them to depart. This they do forthwith, leaving the husband and wife along in their new-found happiness.


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