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Children Who Labor (Edison)

February 29, 2012

Ogden, Utah Evening Standard (29 February, 1912): 6. Courtesy of the Library of Congress Chronicling America Project

100 years ago today, you could catch this variety-filled program of films including Edison’s Children Who Labor in Ogden, Utah.

Today, this film that is available on DVD thanks to the National Film Preservation Fund.

You can also read a contemporary review by a staff writer for The Moving Picture World, thanks to the and the Media History Digital Library, AND

check out the Edison company’s original description of Children Who Labor in Thomas Edison and Modern America: A Brief History in Documents  by Theresa Mary Collins and Lisa Gitelman.

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  1. pmarasa permalink
    March 1, 2012 11:59 am

    Edison’s social docudramas are interesting. He envisioned a visual education in the future, where the info in textbooks, newspapers, etc. would all be dramatized/visualized. I’ve seen “What Shall We Do With Our Old?” “The Lone Game” (about TB sufferers), “The Wonders of Magnetism,” and some others. Hidden gems.

    And that review is something else. Optimistic cinema lives!

    I wonder if the film on the “Interior of the White House” exists?

    Found this on YouTube; a little corny, but provides a nice soundtrack:

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