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Police Force of New York City (Edison) and others

July 3, 2011

100 years ago in Honolulu, Hawaii, an evening’s theatrical entertainment was still largely composed of  live vaudeville acts. But as was already happening more rapidly in other cities, these now supplementary amusements would slowly encroach upon more and more vaudevillian territory. The entertainment writer who wrote this article seems to have seen the writing on the wall:



Feature films will rival the vaudeville programs at the theaters of the Honolulu Amusement Company tonight.
The Women of Samaria” is a film to be shown on the Savoy screen giving scenes in the time of Christ, depicting his walk through Judea.
“The Canadian Rockies” is the title of an exceptionally fine film of grand mountain scenery in the Rockies and the Selkirk range, instructive and well worth seeing.
“The Police force of New York City” will be shown at the Park. This shows the training a policeman undergoes to get his locust stick. Shows the mounted police catching runaways in Central Park and the harbor police in pursuit.

The Empire will give matinees only, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, showing just moving pictures. On Saturday night the house will also be open with moving pictures only.


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