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Juarez After the Battle (Kalem)

June 27, 2011

EL PASO HERALD (27 June 1911): 9

Juarez Pictures Today
Juarez After the Battle moving pictures of scenes around the city shortly after the ciy’s capture, will be shown at the Bijou and Wigwam theaters today. The pictures are in two reels and each theater will show one. They are entirely different. The scarred buildings and the places of the fiercest fighting are pictured and crowds of insurrectos, federals and citizens were caught by the camera. Manager Winch says many people, well known in El Paso, will be surprised to see themselves in the passing throng. All the pictures were taken under the personal direction of Will R. Winch, of the Wigwam, and S. V. Fulkerson, of the Bijou.




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