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She Wanted a Man with Brains (Champion)

April 26, 2011

MOVING PICTURE NEWS (15 April 1911): 35

She Wanted a Man With Brains
Champion Release, April 26
The cowboys came in a body to call at Rancher Smith’s on a certain matter of business. That business was nothing more or less than a curious desire to see the new school teacher, who was to make her home at Smith’s ranch. They, therefore, lounged about the veranda until the lady in question arrived. Raising their hats they waved her a vigorous welcome, but their smiles of welcome froze at the cold and haughty glance she returned them, as with a look of disdain she passed into the house.
The boys at once renounced all ideas of capturing the “icicle,” as they termed her, with the exception of Thornby. Head over heels in love, he bowled over a couple of intoxicated “punchers” as they tried to make violent overtures to her. She frigidly thanked him for his protection. More enthralled than ever before, the young man again rejoiced at the opportunity to save her, when the horse she attempted to ride became unmanageable. He even dared after that to present her with a bouquet of flowers, which she indifferently accepted, and later threw away after his departure. A veritable iceberg to attain. Finally Thornby mustered up the nerve and temerity to propose soon after, but the lady “turned him down” so emphatically that it blotted out the last vestige of hope.
She wanted a man with brains and not brawn, she told him, and it set him thinking. He left the ranch and neighborhood and soon found a position in a lawyer’s office where, by diligent and hard study, e progressed so rapidly that in a remarkably shot time he was made a partner in the firm, incidentally marrying his associate’s daughter.
Having occasion to visit Rancher Smith, who had retained him in boundary suit, Thornby was then speaking to Mrs. Smith on the porch when the school teacher appeared in the doorway. Astonished at the change in the man she refused, and upon learning from his card that he is now an attorney-at-law, she became all graciousness and mentally decides to exert her influence to bring him to her feet and she accept him for her husband.
Thorny had brilliantly succeeded in winning the suit for the Smiths, who were preparing a dinner in his honor. All were awaiting the appearance of the school teacher, who was elaborately preparing her toilet to aid her efforts in captivating the guest. All smiles she now entered the room and with outstretched hand she awaited him. Accepting it firmly, Thornby led her across the room and introduced her to his wife. The schemer was defeated and left in a rage, whereupon Smith drank to the health of the Man With Brains.
– MOVING PICTURE NEWS (15 April 1911): 41.

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