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Herodias (Eclair)

April 24, 2011

MOVING PICTURE NEWS (15 April 1911): 39.

HERODIAS Eclair Release, April 24

Herodias, wife of Herod, the Tetrach of Galilee, is scathingly denounced by the great and pious Prophet, John the Baptist, for her profligate life; but the woman resents her fierce accusations, and endeavors in every possible way to put an end to his threats. John the Baptist, however, bravely continues to heap contempt upon her, and at last, Herodias prevails upon the Tetrach to throw her prosecutor into prison.

Shortly afterwards Herodias brings Salome, her daughter by her first marriage, to dance before the Tetrach, at a great festival in honor of Herod. Herod becomes dazzled by the grace and charm of his stepdaughter, and vows to give her anything she may demand at his hands. Salome, directed by her mother, claims the head of John the Baptist, the denouncing Prophet! Herod is staggered by so ghastly a request, but he is bound by his vow, and is obliged to comply with her desire.

At a blow of the executioner’s sword, the wish is fulfilled! Thereupon Herodias abandons herself to savage joy, but Salome, appalled by her own heinous crime, falls in a swoon, at the sight of the severed, bleeding head!

– MOVING PICTURE NEWS (15 April 1911): 42.

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