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First Moving Pictures of Alaska and the Arctic Regions Brought East By a Woman (Emily R. Steiner)

April 20, 2011


In this age of woman’s might, and woman’s right, it is interesting to note among other achievements accomplished by the female sex that the first moving pictures from the Far North were brought east by a woman, Miss Emma R. Steiner.

Miss Steiner, who has been employed on the lecture corps of the Board of Education of this city for the past six years, telling her audiences of the riches of that wonderful land of promise, Alaska, and also of the financial, social and political conditions of that country, as well as of her own remarkable experiences during her ten seasons spent there, has had a most interesting and extraordinary career.

It might be interesting to the readers of the Moving Picture News to know something of the life history of this remarkable specimen of the weaker sex […] it is most interesting to listen to Miss Steiner’s lecture on that country [Alaska] which she illustrates with moving pictures and slides, except at the public school lectures, where, unfortunately, the moving pictures are barred. […] Next month, about the twentieth, she will lecture at the New York Avenue Church, Brooklyn. From her home at 52 Bradhurst Avenue, near West 145th street, she pursues a diversity of occupations, music and the writing of music being chief among them.

MOVING PICTURE NEWS 4, No. 12 (25 March 1911): 7.

MOVING PICTURE NEWS 4, No. 12 (25 March 1911): 7.

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