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Nat Pinkerton Foils the Black Band (Urban)

April 12, 2011

Nat Pinkerton was the name of a fictional detective who seems to have been the star of a series of books and films that were produced in Denmark, Germany, France and Italy

100 years ago today the 4th installment of the series, Nat Foils the Black Band opened in British theaters, imported by the Charles Urban trading Company. I’m guessing that the film itself was one in the series produced by the Danish Nordisk.

Here’s what the BIOSCOPE had to say about it:


No. 4 of the “Nat Pinkerton” series, which is sub-titled, “Nat Foils the Black Band” and will be released on April 12th, is even of finer quality and interest than its predecessors, which have created something of a record in all parts of the country, and occupied the top of the bill in many theatres. The plot of No. 4 shows how by a master stroke a body of the Black Band abduct a young heiress, decked in her jewels, from the very midst of a great coming-of-age reception. The heiress is taken to the gang’s headquarters, where the rough treatment she receives moves the heart of a woman, a daughter of one of the members, who goes to Nat and informs. Meanwhile, the captured jewels are taken to Baron de Hort, the head of the gang, who takes the lion’s share. Nat, by sheer pluck, captures the whole of the band, rescues the heiress, and returns her in safety to her parents, who, in gratitude, adopt Lena. At a convict station of the the convicted prisoners escapes and, arriving at the Baron’s house, plans a revenge on Lena, who, together with her new friends, is invited to a reception at the Baron’s where preparations are made for Lena’s death by dropping her through a flap in the floor, where she is to meet her death at the hand of the escaped convict. This skillfully-conducted plan would doubtless have met with success if Nat had not used even more skillful methods, captured the villain in the cellar, and denounced the Baron. The plot is one that is ‘holding,’ of deep interest, and clearly produced. The length is 995 ft.

-BIOSCOPE (23 MARCH 1911): 51.

I found an image for another Nat Pinkerton film from France at a fan page, that is mostly focused on the books. Check it out here:

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