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A Sin Unpardonable (Essanay)

April 6, 2011


BIOSCOPE (23 March 1911): 36.



Jim Scott, a lumberman, his wife Martha, and his two children, are happy in their home. One evening Jim runs across an old friend in Joe Taylor, and Jim invites his friend to his cabin for supper. Joe accepts, and when left alone with Martha and the children, Joe makes love to his friend’s wife, but is repulsed by her. The next morning, after Jim has gone to work, Joe passes by Jim’s cabin, and seizes the woman in his arms, but Martha sends him away, and that night, when Jim learns of the state of affairs between his friend and his wife, his rage is uncontrollable. Seizing his axe, he runs out into the night, determined to kill the man who has proved so treacherous. The fight in the woods with their bare fists leaves Joe apparently dead. An hour later the fear-stricken survivor of the combat, having arranged to flee from the country, opens the door to Joe, who has dragged himself to Jim’s shack. Upon Martha’s plea. Jim accepts the apology of Joe, who leaves the house for ever.

BIOSCOPE (23 March 1911): 41.

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