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In Perfect Harmony (Pathé)

April 5, 2011

In Perfect Harmony

An artist witnesses the theft of a hand-bag from a young girl. He recovers the stolen property, which he restores to its owner. He returns to his studio, but the continual refrain of a piano gets on his nerves and prevents him from working. He tries stopping his ears, but the sound of the piano still filters through, and he at length snatches up a mallet, bangs it on the wall, and then discharges a couple of revolvers. The piano stops, but an angry old gentleman soon appears to demand an explanation. Hot words are said, when the old man’s wife and daughter enter. To the painter’s astonishment he recognizes the heroine of his adventure, and begs for pardon. It is granted, and two months later kissing and piano duets are much in favor with the artist and his pretty neighbor.

BIOSCOPE (23 March 1911) 31.

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