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Stage Struck (Thanhouser)

March 3, 2011

Stage Struck

THE MOVING PICTURE WORLD 8, no. 8 (25 February, 1911): 394

A country girl who has always been interested in the drama becomes hopelessly stage struck when a company of barnstorming actors, presenting Shakespearean plays, appears in her home town. She applies for an engagement to the star of the organization and is finally offered a small part. Forbidden by her father to follow the career of her choice, she runs away and joins the company. Disillusionment soon follows. The star is dissatisfied with her attempts at acting, and the hard work and bad hotels soon tax her strength. While playing a one-night stand in a little town the company is treated to a square meal by a prosperous young drummer who is greatly attracted by the country girl’s youth and beauty.

The company get into financial straits, are unable to pay their hotel bills, and have their baggage seized. Entirely without funds they start to walk to the next town, “walking the ties” is a new form of exercise for our heroine, and half way on the journey she begs the company to go on without her, as she is too weary and sick to continue. Sitting alone and weeping bitterly on the steps of a forlorn little railway station; the girl is surprised to see, getting off a train, her new acquaintance, the drummer. He insists upon buying her a ticket for home and starting her off at once. The girl is welcomed back home by her father, and when a few weeks later she receives. together, an offer of a New York engagement, and an offer of marriage from the young drummer he decides to accept the latter, and to appear in the future as — just wife.”

– MOVING PICTURE NEWS 4, No. 7 (February 18 1911): 17.

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