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A Western Girls Choice (Champion)

March 1, 2011

A Western Girl’s Choice is about a girl who must choose between authentic love (embodied by her Western man) and eastern superficiality (embodied by the eastern millionaire who the girl’s aunt intends her to marry). And wouldn’t you know? The girl chooses her Western man.

Dora Maxwell resides with her parents on their extensive ranch in the west, and her sweetheart is Milton Logan the ranch foreman. Returning from a brisk canter Dora is confronted with a great surprise in the presence from the east of her uncle and a strange young man.

Receiving a letter from her aunt. through its presentation by her uncle. Dora discovers that the young stranger is intended to be her future husband, and her aunt also invites her to come east with the two men when they return. In accordance with the wishes of her deceased mother Dora’s aunt is desirous of inviting the girl to visit New York.

The attractiveness of the young eastern millionaire is evident, and Dora for the nonce forgets poor Milton and spends her time in the company of Richard Moore. She soon meets with an opportunity to compare the worth of the two men and that of the westerner is so undoubtedly superior to the other, she dares no longer hesitate in her choice.

In aid to her decision to refuse her aunt’s kind invitation, is a dream that she has of supposed eastern civilization. the humiliation suffered through the cowardice of Moore, compared with the bravery of Logan, ends the false infatuation experienced. Her undesirable suitor returns, chagrined and discomfited, without having remained at the ranch over a day.

Writing a courteous letter of refusal to her aunt, Dora placed it in the hands of her astonished uncle, and leaving them, she hurries to his room, gets his riding habit, and meeting Milton at the front door, they both canter off with laughter and love in the winter’s air.

-Synopsis in THE MOVING PICTURE WORLD 8, no. 8 (25 February 1911): 438.



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