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Lobby Display

February 26, 2011

…From reports that we have received from Chicago, it appears that the American Film Manufacturing Company of that city, manufacturers of the “American films,” have gone their competitors one better in point of advertising for the benefit of the exhibitor.

They have compiled four distinct sets and styles of lobby display, depicting the leading players in the American films. Their first and least expensive of these, but by no means of the smallest moment, is a highly colored poster containing five colors, something unusual in moving picture poster, of an exceedingly artistic design, and on extra heavy calendered paper. These posters will be furnished exhibitors principally through the exchange, although these posters can be obtained by application direct to the American Company in Chicago.

They likewise have a set of five original photographs, unmounted, each photograph containing a characteristic pose of one of their leading players. This set they will supply the exhibitor direct, or through the exchange at a price of 50c. per set, or 10c. for each photograph. The photograph can be obtained neatly mounted at a price of 60c.

The original idea, and one that will undoubtedly appear to a goodly number of exhibitors, is a neatly framed series of photographs of the leading actors in this company to be bung in the lobbies of the various theaters featuring American films which they tender exhibitors at a price of $1.50 f. o. b. Chicago, and their final offer, and in the writer’s opinion undoubtedly the best at the price is a photo frame that would do justice to the finest legitimate theater in the land. This photo frame is a staunch oaken easel made of real oak, not imitation, together with a large frame containing the photographs of every leading player, arranged in an exceedingly tasteful manner.

– “Lobby Display” MOVING PICTURE NEWS 4, no. 8 (26 February 1911): 13.

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