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At Double Trouble Ranch (Champion)

February 8, 2011

THE MOVING PICTURE WORLD 8, no. 5 (4 February 1911): 224


Based on the synopsis that appeared in the same exhibitor’s trade journal a few pages following the above ad, it seems like a stretch for Champion to insist that this film “will furnish home education.”

Synopsis of At Double Trouble Ranch from The Moving Picture World 8, no. 5 (4 February 1911): 267.

Rather unenviable is Peter Foster’s existence at the Bunk-House because of the turbulent and aggressive disposition of his elder son, Bob. The possession of an equally meek and obedient son as Charles, might tend to alleviate conditions, but Bob is unbearable, and thus old Peter rejoices in the opportunity to present his two sons to Widow Walker.

Strangely enough, the same situation prevails in the household of Widow Walker. The elder of the two daughters is the mistress of a terrible temper which is quite a troublesome factor In the maintenance of a peaceful home, and the presentation of Peter Foster’s sons is a Godsend towards the riddance of the girls.

It is generally conceded that opposite natures are more likely to meet. Therefore this is upheld when Blossom, the elder and shrew, permits her affections to be gained by Charles, and, Bob selects Sally, the younger and compliant sister as a mate.

The unions are effected shortly at one and the same time, following which they install themselves at the Foster’s the household having been partitioned in twain. Being now free from cares and quarrels, Peter concludes that the widow is a welcome prize. He pops the question, is delightedly accepted, and his happiness is attained.

Three happy couples-but-well, after a year’s acquaintance one isn’t extra careful of one’s choice of language or line of action in the conjugal state and the ferocity of a risible temperament cannot be composed by the possessor of

a meek or a retiring nature. Bob and Blossom lord it over and predominate in the government of home affairs, and In their endeavors to direct others, ultimately dig their own pitfall.

Blossom exhorts Sally to throw off the yoke and assume home control as she, Blossom, does, and her advice is to commence at once. Bob councils Charley in the same tenor, and the uprising results in a cyclonic outbreak between husband and wife. Astounded by the surprise and surprise and suddenness of the upheaval, the erstwhile aggressive lords of home become humble supplicants for mercy. Forgiveness is extended readily …

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