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A Wife’s Love (Powers)

January 24, 2011

A Wife’s Love was a powers melodrama, which was apparently released on a split reel with a comedy entitled Little Dorothy. It strikes me as strange to offer these two together. I’m more used to seeing two comedies on a split reel.

Synopsis of A Wife’s Love in The Moving Picture World, 8, no. 4 (28 January 1911): 204.

Mary Crosby is the daughter of a well-to-do villager who dislikes her sweetheart, John Howard, and refuses to consent to their marriage. The couple elope and Mary’s father swears that he will never forgive her. John loses his position and becomes seriously ill. Mary goes to her father to plead for help for her husband who the doctor says cannot recover unless he is taken to a warmer climate. The old man refuses and drives her out. Later the distressed girl wife re-enters her own home and takes from her father’s desk a sum at money needed to help her husband. Her father enters and in the midst of cursing he falls dead of apoplexy. Horror-stricken the girl puts back the money just as her mother enters. Imagine the poor girl’s remorse when she returns to her home and finds that her mother has left money to help them. John recovers and when the father’s will is read it is found that he has left a handsome sum of money to the daughter he has disowned.

Synopsis of Little Dorothy in The Moving Picture World, 8, no. 4 (28 January 1911): 204.

Little Dorothy’s sister has two beaux, Mr. Fresh whom she dislikes and Mr. Backward, a bashful fellow, whom she decides is the man for her sister. The pranks the little girl plays on Mr. Fresh bring his courtship to quick finish. The fun increases when the little girl tries to get the bashful beau to propose to her sister. Finally she hits on a scheme and writes to Mr. Backward that her sister loves him something awful and talks about him in her sleep. Backward encouraged by the letter visits his sweetheart but little Dorothy has to bring the two together through a very funny trick.

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