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A Homeless Boy (Great Northern)

January 14, 2011

I wrote a bit about Great Northern, aka Nordisk, in my entry on The Red Light. Today’s movie comes from the same company. Happy 100th birthday to A Homeless Boy.

Advertisment for "A Homeless Boy" in THE MOVING PICTURE WORLD 8, no. 2 (January 14, 1911): 63

THE MOVING PICTURE WORLD 8, no. 2 (14 January 1911): 63

Synopsis published in The Moving Picture World 8, no. 2 (14 January 1911): 100.

In a little seacoast village an artist is painting a picturesque cottage, before which a widow and her little son are working. A few years later the mother dies, and the boy is taken charge of by a fisherman, who shamefully ill-treats him. The boy runs away, and in dire straits, breaks into a large house, hoping to find some food. In one of the rooms he is fascinated by a picture with a familiar scene. Before the home of his boyhood he sees a picture of his mother and himself. As he looks, the artist enters and grasps the intruder by the arm. The boy relates his story and the artist generously adopts him as his son.

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