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The Girl and the Burglar (Solax)

January 13, 2011

The Girl and the Burglar was one of many burglary-themed films of 1911. It was put out by Solax Film Corporation, the production company owned by the husband of the first female film director, Alice Guy Blaché.

THE MOVING PICTURE WORLD 8, no. 1 (7 January 1911): 7

Synopsis of the film from The Moving Picture World 8, no. 2 (14 January 1911): 98.

Bert King, a young New York business man, is visiting the family of his fiancee who live in the country. Just prior to his departure he takes Ruth for a sleigh ride, during the course of which a necklace which she is wearing falls from her neck and is broken. Ruth asks Bert to take the necklace to the city and have it repaired, which he does.

We next find Bert in his sitting room admiring the skillful manner in which the jeweler has completed the task entrusted to him. He hears a noise in the next room; slipping the necklace into the pocket of his smoking jacket, he takes his revolver and finds, as he had supposed, a burglar in active operation. The burglar is none other than Gentleman Jack, a renowned society crook whom the police have been trying to apprehend for some time. He is taken unawares, and Bert holds him covered while he telephones for the police.

Gentleman Jack takes advantage of an opportunity offered by Bert’s carelessness and a scuffle ensues which results in the tables being turned. Gentleman Jack is amazed to discover that as a result of a blow delivered by him Bert is in a dazed condition and in absolute ignorance of his whereabouts. The keen witted burglar realizes this situation, and he again is given the chance to frustrate his old-time enemy, the police. Upon their arrival he leads them to believe that Bert is the burglar, and gives him into their custody.

In the meantime Ruth has had no word from her lover, and is forced to believe that he has proven false. She receives an invitation from best friend, Mrs. Graves, to pay her a visit. Urged by her father and mother she decides to visit Mrs. Graves. Here Ruth is introduced into their circle of society acquaintances and there meets Gentleman Jack, who is successfully masquerading as a society swell. Smitten by the young woman’s beauty, Jack determines to win her love. He showers her with his attentions, and finally presents her with a necklace, which she immediately recognizes as being the one given her by Bert.

Amazed, uneasy and wildly excited, Ruth discloses to her friend, Mrs. Graves, the conditions of the matter. They appeal to the Inspector of Police to offer a solution of the problem. As a result of this the mystery is unraveled.

Bert, who has been languishing in a prison cell, and whose identity has been a mystery to the police, is restored to the loving arms of his sweetheart and Gentleman Jack gets his just deserts.


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