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Girls Will be Boys (Essanay, 1910)

December 27, 2010

Released on December 27, 1910, the Essanay western Girls will be Boys was met with less-than enthusiastic response from reviewers. Here’s what one reviewer from The Moving Picture World had to say about it:

Quite the usual thing. It tells how a mother brought up her girls as boys and how it went well until three men appeared. Then came Cupid, and eventually the girls no longer appeared as boys. Aside from excellent photography, and the depiction of one or two rather amusing episodes, especially the one in the gymnasium, this picture has little to commend it. The photography is excellent, and the staging has been attended to with extreme care. But what the characters do and how they do it possesses comparatively little real interest.

Photo of Joseph Dailey, circa 1911

In its April 1911 issue, THE MOTION PICTURE STORY MAGAZINE printed this portrait (above) of comedian Joseph Dailey, listing "Boys will be Girls" as one of his film credits. This appears to be the only cast information available for this film.

A print of this film, like so many others of its era, appears to be lost to history.
But its memory lives on in Nanna Verhoeff’s book The West in Early Cinema
and Anthony Slide’s Great pretenders: a history of female and male impersonation in the performing arts

Entry in the Progressive Silent Film List:
Entry in AFI catalog
Entry in BFI catalog = “not available”

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